price of bond before first coupon payment

1,000 lump sum cash flow. Clean Price The "clean price" is the price of the bond excluding the accrued interest.

price of bond before first coupon payment

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Bond Price"s and Accrued Interest It is important to understand that bond prices are"d by dealers without the accrued interest. So, the clean price of the bond would be 963.28. It uses an initial period pvcf from which accrued interest has not been subtracted in the numerator and dirty price in the denominator. Duration is measured in years, so your where to find coupons final answer.914 years. Dirty Price The "dirty price" is the total price of the bond, including accrued interest. Then, input the bond's par value, market value, coupon rate, maturity, and payment frequency to get your YTM.

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