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: Issue with Allow discount on cart with excluded items FIX: Notice if a free product without weight is added/removed to/from the cart FIX: Deprecation notice in internal: Introduced allow_overwrite_coupon_values.4.3 FIX: Customer selector WooCommerce.0.0 compatibility FIX. Auto coupon -box, voila! 2.3.1 FIX: wpml Compatibility for AND Products / AND Categories FIX: Redirect to page without?apply_coupon after applying coupon by url FIX: Auto coupon meta_query issue (thanks to hwillson) FIX: Compatibility with WooCommerce prior.2.9 (WC_Cart:get_cart_item) (PRO) FIX: Free products: Add variant attributes to cart. Feature: Allow coupon in cart even if minimum spend not reached feature: New coupon feature: Minimum / maximum price subtotal of matching products in the cart cosmetic: Admin Extended coupon features in multiple tabs FIX: Create session cookie if no session was initialized when applying. Auto coupons : Allow coupons to be automatically added to the users cart if its restrictions are met, Apply coupon via an url, Restrict coupon by shipping method, Restrict coupon by payment method, Restrict coupon by a combination of products.

Bug fixed: A coupon was applied incorrectly to all products.
Thanks to the yith.
WooCommerce, coupon, email System plugin, you will be able.
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Send email via Mandrill. Very easy to use, the functionality is conveniently integrated to the WooCommerce Edit Coupon panel. Promotions, discounts and ad hoc gifts for your customers to make them feel special: one of the procedures used by the most. For more information or the PRO version please visit. «WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features» adds functionality to the WooCommerce coupons and allows for automatic discount rules. How can I make this translatable with wpml? Internal: Renamed meta_key woocommerce-jos-autocoupon to _wjecf_is_auto_coupon.0.0 rename: Renamed plugin from «WooCommerce auto added coupons» to «WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features» feature: Restrict coupons by payment method feature: Restrict coupons by shipping method feature: Use AND-operator for the selected products (default is OR) FIX: Validate email. Send coupons to users that have spent a specific amount. Compatible with WooCommerce.3.4. Send coupons after a certain number of days have passed since the last purchase. With THE premium version OF THE plugin YOU CAN: cuddle your customers, reward your users, uSE 4 different templates.

In, wPML translatable items appear in the context woocommerce -jos-autocoupon in «String Translations». We appreciate your feedback about your support experience with Referral Partner, developers. Thanks to the yith, wooCommerce, coupon, email System plugin, you will be able to manage easily and quickly the. Take advantage of the wpml compatibility. WooCommerce, multilingual run WooCommerce with wpml.