voucher dfinition

did, and gives his girlfriend the voucher with her ticket. View Our Course Outline. The Sun (2011)Do you remember a time when it was embarrassing to hand a waiter a voucher when paying the bill? The restaurant, for example, can credit (increase) the meat inventory account and debit (decrease) the cash account to record the payment. Times, Sunday Times (2010) Parents then pay the vouchers to the childcare provider instead of cash.

What is a 'Voucher a voucher is a document used by a companys accounts payable department to gather and file all of the supporting documents needed to approve the payment of a liability. The restaurant completes a shipping receipt to document the process, and the shipping receipt is compared with the vendors invoice. Type of: commercial document, commercial instrument a document of or relating to commerce n a document that serves as evidence of some expenditure.

Every business maintains written procedures for each of the companys routine accounting tasks. The Sun (2014)It is easily remedied by simply giving cash instead of vouchers. Factoring in Fraud Prevention. The Sun (2016)Voucher must be presented at the time of purchase. A voucher is also a type of coupon that allows you to purchase something for less or no money, eucerin coupon printable even tuition to a school. A voucher documents that the goods purchased were actually received, which supports the auditors assertion that the goods and services posted to the financial statements truly exist.