what is voucher number

key, ctrlL. You can also see a summary of your total savings here. Definition of Sales Voucher, a sales voucher is a record of a sales transaction. To activate optional voucher in Tally ERP 9,go. Receipts or other documentation justifying the disbursement should be attached to the petty cash voucher. A waitperson, for example, can take down diners' orders on a handheld device programmed with point-of-sale software designed specifically for restaurants. ABC Ltd wants to raise a sale invoice to customer A on credit, The billing clerk billed it but later for some reasons the giving of credit to the particular customer is blocked my the authorities and they need Head office approval for the same. Does your voucher include a flight on the EDF Energy London Eye* - Select -NoYes.

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You can make any existing voucher or new voucher as optional. Click Regular button or use short cut key. A customer who may have no immediate need for the screening can buy the voucher and present it to the clinic later to verify the sale and receive the discount. To create a proforma invoice before raising actual invoice. In such case the raised bill can be made optional instead of deleting it, After getting the approval from HO, the voucher can be made regular voucher. Optional voucher is used to record incomplete transactions. A sales voucher has several purposes. It also provides food inventory and credit-card billing information to management, gives the menu-planning chef direct information about the popularity of menu items and provides tip and sales tax information and data for accounting. Summary of Post, optional voucher is not a voucher type rather it is an option available in every regular voucher type like Contra, Payment, Receipt, Journal,Sales Purchase etc. .

What is voucher number
what is voucher number

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