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: Because I just want to call one method instead of two lines of code, I created a small static method. I remember how easy it was to apply the TiltEffect. Using this Visual Tree of elements to check against controls that should support the Tactile Feedback: ButtonBase (root of all buttons Selector (root of the different types of ListBoxes PhoneApplicationPage (only way to get a hold of the ApplicationBars buttons and menu items). So Im thinking about a solution, a generic solution. Please let me know if you have any questions or improvements.

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Tip 24 was about tactile feedback. So I started with some. So I attached to the LayoutUpdated event as well, I had to hack a bit, because the sender in the LayoutUpdated event is always null.

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The initial idea I had was to make use of the Loaded event of the Element that has the DependencyProperty applied to start walking though the visual tree. Caused for example by Data Binding changes, or any of the other ways that enable you to manipulate the Visual Tree. So my mind was going the direction of a similar solution. But what happened when the Visual Tree changes? Tactile feedback can be something like 30 milliseconds running the VibrateController. Not that much of rocket science. In het end I came to the conclusion that I didnt have a way to suppress feedback on the ApplicationBar is is mainly because the ApplicationBar items are not inheriting from DependencyObject. For the menu items and buttons, its just simply attaching to the Click event.