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Quantico Wiki

A look at the lives of young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist. Mark Gordon, Robert​. Welcome to the Quantico Wiki – a collaborative database dedicated to ABC's television series, napihoroszkop.eu currently have articles, 1, images, and 3. Quantico (Fernsehserie) – Wikipedia.

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Quantico (Fernsehserie) – Wikipedia. Quantico steh für: Marine Corps Base Quantico, Stützpunkt des US Marine Corps​; Quantico (Fernsehserie), US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Quantico ist der. Wir sind eine kollaborative Community-Website über das Thema Quantico, die jeder, auch du, aufbauen und erweitern kann. Wikis wie dieses hängen davon ab​. Quantico ist eine von Marti Noxon und Sarah Gertrude Shapiro entwickelte, amerikanische Dramaserie. Ryan Booth is a former agent of the CIA and currently, an FBI agent. In the future timeline, his boss, Liam was revealed to be the mastermind behind the. Quantico ist eine Stadt im US-Bundesstaat Virginia im Bezirk Prince William County. Die Stadt liegt etwa 60 km von Washington D.C. entfernt und ist be. Welcome to the Quantico Wiki – a collaborative database dedicated to ABC's television series, napihoroszkop.eu currently have articles, 1, images, and 3.

Quantico Wiki

Quantico steh für: Marine Corps Base Quantico, Stützpunkt des US Marine Corps​; Quantico (Fernsehserie), US-amerikanische Fernsehserie. Quantico ist der. Quantico ist eine von Marti Noxon und Sarah Gertrude Shapiro entwickelte, amerikanische Dramaserie. A look at the lives of young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist. Mark Gordon, Robert​. Simon Asher, der sich zunächst als schwul ausgibt, entwickelt nach und nach eine gewisse Zuneigung für Raina. After living anonymously in Quantico Wiki, Parrish is forced to return to the United States after "I have a family member who either is a pathological liar or has been involved with a government agency my whole life. Kurz nachdem Alex wieder beginnt beim FBI zu arbeiten, erhält sie einen anonymen Anruf, der ihre Vermutungen bezüglich eines zweiten Terroristen bestätigt. Alex erfährt, dass die Terroristen die Geiseln in der Federal Hall so schnell wie möglich loswerden wollen. Staffel 2, Folge 8 Helga Lehner Min. Maria Koschny Melanie Hinze. Präsident Roarke und die Kollaborateure planen eine Änderung der Verfassung, um die amerikanischen Bürger zu entmündigen. Dabei wird sie gezwungen, ihre Solidarität unter Beweis zu stellen. This show is about the struggle to achieve that.

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The Futon Critic. Season 1 Season 2 Season 3. Alex Parrish. Hidden categories: Use mdy dates from December Featured lists.

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Season 1. Season 1 DVD cover. List of Quantico episodes. Flashbacks from nine months earlier show her training at Quantico with the other FBI recruits.

Alex had told O'Connor how she shot her abusive father, Jeff Michaels, while he fought her mother. He turns out to be an FBI agent. Back in the present, the FBI find Ryan unconscious, in Alex' apartment, shot with her gun, and evidence that points to her involvement in the attack.

Alex is arrested. Miranda Shaw, her mentor from Quantico, helps her to escape. Liam has caught Miranda, but Alex has escaped.

She visits her apartment to collect evidence and is almost caught by Natalie. Alex calls Ryan at the hospital; he tells her he does not remember who shot him, but he knows it was not her.

He offers to help her from the inside, but to do so, he must tell Liam that Alex is guilty. At Quantico nine months earlier, Miranda warns Nimah and Raina not to blow their cover.

Elias finds out about Simon's past in Gaza, and Miranda finds out that Ryan is an undercover agent and worries that he is spying on her. Jennifer Lynch.

Jordon Nardino. Alex's mother, Sita, is brought in for questioning and reveals that Alex vanished for a year when she was in India. Liam convinces her to beg Alex to turn herself in during a television press conference.

Meanwhile, Alex seeks help from Simon, who was kicked out of Quantico earlier. They discover that Alex was being set up from the beginning of her training.

At Quantico, Alex learns from Liam that her father was a special agent. Raina must step up to the plate when Nimah leaves Quantico. Miranda learns that her son, Charlie, who she had put into prison, may be paroled.

Rachel Morrison. Simon helps Alex avoid being captured by the FBI. They track the wire in her apartment to one of Shelby's companies and search for evidence at her house.

Shelby knows that Simon is officially undercover for Clayton; Ryan also discovers it. In the end, Alex holds Shelby hostage, Ryan and Simon plot together, and Clayton announces Alex' status as an escapee is now shoot-to-kill.

At Quantico, Alex still struggles with what she learned about her father, and fails during the training raid part of a hostage situation.

Liam wants Ryan to get Alex to quit Quantico. Ryan learns that his undercover assignment was never officially sanctioned.

Meanwhile, Miranda asks Nimah to return to Quantico, and tells her how her son was influenced by extremist groups to plan an attack on his high school.

Elias becomes more suspicious about Simon. They are each asked to pose as a person, infiltrate a company, and meet the CEO.

Caleb destroys all of Shelby's efforts as a way of taking revenge, as he thinks she has revealed he was in the shooting arena in the beginning. At the end, Alex, Ryan, Nimah are among the "winners" of the challenge.

Nimah and Raina make up, and Nimah encourages Raina to pursue Simon. When Elias finds out that Simon has been lying about everything and wants to report him, Simon tells him he was in the Israeli Defense Force and is now living a lie to cope.

In the present timeline, Alex broadcasts a video, with the help of Duncan Howell and Mia, who work for the hacktivist group 'The Unknown', stating her side of the story.

Then she escapes from the venue, leaving Shelby behind. Simon gets a message with the names of agents near the area at the time of the bombing and Caleb is on the list.

Beth Schacter. The recruits learn the art of surveilling suspects. Meanwhile, Miranda Shaw must deal with her recently paroled, terrorist son Charlie, and decides to take advantage of the surveillance assignment to keep an eye on him.

While surveying Shaw's home for an assignment, Alex finally learns that Liam has hired Booth to spy on her. Nimah plays matchmaker for Simon and Raina but, in the end, Simon catches the twins together in their room.

In the present, Caleb takes over the investigation, prompting Simon to bug his computer, but it turns out that Shelby is the one Caleb is investigating.

Simon and Alex find surveillance footage showing one of the twins at Grand Central before the attack. Patrick Norris. One of the twins is seen at Grand Central two days before the bombing.

When Simon and Alex find one of them — Raina — she explains they have infiltrated a terrorist group across the street and are trying to find out when its next attack is planned.

At Quantico, the trainees face a crucial test. They are locked in a classroom with a bomb left by Brandon Fletcher.

The trainees work together to unlock the door, but are unable to defuse the bomb in time. However, they discover the bomb is a fake. Trainees who remained with the team as the bomb was being defused have passed the test, and demonstrated their readiness to sacrifice themselves for the country.

In the present, Natalie suspects Ryan of helping Alex. She tracks him and leads the FBI to Alex. While trying to apprehend her, the FBI raid puts the twins and their operation in danger.

It ends with Ryan being shot. James Whitmore, Jr. Ryan talks Alex through field surgery to save his life. Meanwhile, Clayton asks Caleb to erase any trace of his affair with Shelby, leading Caleb to stumble upon evidence that might exonerate Alex.

Ryan helps Alex get information on her father, leading to a confrontation with Liam, who reveals a secret from their fathers' pasts.

Caleb accidentally reveals the existence of Shelby's half-sister to the FBI. Miranda tries to engage with her son Charlie, with tragic consequences.

Simon and Raina are disappointed to learn that it is Nimah he is more interested in. In the present, Alex realizes that there is another deadlier bomb, and reluctantly turns herself in to inform the FBI of the threat.

Cameron Litvack. Elias has been called by Alex before she surrenders and returns as her legal counsel.

HIG, another government group, has a presidential executive order to interrogate Alex. They press her to confess by torturing Ryan, who was caught when his helicopter was intercepted.

When Caleb examines Agent Goodwin's body, he notices that her phone is missing, and that her body was made to look like she was caught in the explosion.

Caleb, Elias, Natalie, Liam, and the twins want to help Alex by establishing a timeline. They discover that she was kidnapped and drugged before supposedly being relocated by van to the explosion site.

This is enough evidence for Liam to free her from HIG, but Alex agrees to plead guilty so that the real culprits still feel safe.

At Quantico, Miranda is at the hospital after being attacked. Ryan is concerned with Alex constantly checking up on Liam, who is getting drunk because he was unable to prevent the terrorist attack when working with her father.

Simon decides to report falsified evidence about a serial killer and is criticized by the other NATs. The twins, Caleb, Shelby, Natalie, and Simon go to work investigating the rest of their class to find the real traitor.

Liam frees Miranda and they convince Alex to put the others under surveillance since she is now the only NAT who cannot be guilty. Nimah discovers what they are up to and tells the others, while reprimanding Raina for her sympathy for the terrorist they were dealing with.

Simon meets his Israeli bomb maker friend then reveals to everyone the Grand Central bombing is based on a dark plan he once devised.

He denies knowing anything about the bombing itself. At Quantico, the NATs are assigned to help vet the next class. Alex and Ryan investigate Natalie who is called before the NAT review board under suspicion of lying on her application.

Nimah learns the truth of Simon's past as an IDF assassin and forces him to reveal horrific details to the rest of the class. Ryan defends him, but accidentally reveals that Simon attacked him weeks earlier; Simon is dismissed from training and the academy.

Natalie is allowed to continue. Ryan and Alex discuss their future before he departs. Thor Freudenthal.

Alex, Natalie, Shelby and Nimah, all fleeing from family problems, try to spend the weekend drinking and reviewing cold cases.

Nimah tries to have a heart-to-heart with Miranda about her son's potential abduction, with mixed results. When Miranda goes home, she finds Charlie injured on her doorstep.

Caleb brings the others to a political soiree where Shelby finally meets his mother Senator Claire Haas, but his resentment toward his parents has disastrous consequences for his relationship with Shelby.

Meanwhile, Alex encounters Ryan, undercover with his ex-wife Hannah, still pining for her. In the present, Alex, Nimah, and Natalie learn of Simon's disappearance from a battered Elias and find him with a detonator taped to his hand in the hotel where the Democratic delegates are staying.

While Miranda works to defuse the bomb, Liam gets the delegates to the command center, where Senator Haas tells Shelby that she will ruin her for breaking Caleb's heart.

Later, the agents are horrified to learn that there is a third bomb that detonates in the command center. The bomb kills 32 FBI agents, including Clayton.

His affair with Shelby has gone public, ruining her career. Duncan Howell commits suicide exclaiming that, like Elias, he "didn't have a choice".

On trial, despite believing otherwise, Alex reverses her position stating that Elias had no accomplice.

Alex receives a phone call from an anonymous individual who claims to be the one she is looking for and requests a meeting with her.

At the specified location, the caller sends Alex the suicide video of Duncan and tells her that she will help to "finish what [they] started," right before Natalie shows up and reveals a bomb strapped to her.

The trainees from both classes are to train and live together. Meanwhile, Charlie discloses to Raina the names of his kidnappers. Alex and Natalie are contacted by the terrorist to steal information from the FBI's servers, which requires Ryan's keycard and Hannah's fingerprint.

Using a fake bomb threat to get everyone out of the building, they get the information, but hide a worm inside it before sending it. Alex and Natalie track the terrorist's computer using the worm, but Natalie is killed by an explosion.

At Quantico, the NATs are learning how to get informants to turn. Alex and Iris are the only ones to find a potential informant, but because they must compromise themselves, they fail the exercise.

Meanwhile, Nimah is concerned with Raina's constant disappearances and, after finding her talking to someone online, follows her to their house.

With help from Clayton, Caleb and Shelby try to find Samar and her kidnappers, only to learn that she has not been kidnapped.

Their search for revenge ends up dry in Croatia. Iris gives Shelby a contact that could help. Miranda grants Natalie a leave of absence so she can fight for custody of her daughter.

Ryan and Nimah track Alex to Vermont, where she has gone to meet Simon. Alex asks Simon to help her, before Nimah drives her back home. Simon decides to destroy his cabin and comes to Alex's apartment.

As the terrorist calls, Simon plugs something into Alex's phone and then tells her to pick up. At Quantico, the class works on suspect interrogation and court trials.

Nimah finds that Raina has been meeting with Charlie's kidnappers, at Miranda's request, and Will finds that Caleb has a second persona which he uses to meet with Samar.

Shelby reveals the story about Samar to Iris. Liam kicks Drew out and Miranda, who realizes that Liam slept with Alex during New Years, tells him that she expects his resignation letter first thing in the morning.

The terrorist gives Alex a pill bottle and tells her to swap it with the one in Senator Claire Haas' purse.

Alex attempts to make the switch. Simon, who has recorded the terrorist's call, attempts to find their real voice. Alex's failed attempts cause her to run into Hannah.

After Alex tells Hannah about the terrorist and Natalie's death, Hannah kicks her out. However, at Alex's house, the terrorist says that the switch was made.

Hannah reveals that she made the switch and believes Alex. At Quantico, as Claire Haas is leading the week's exercise the terrorist cell Raina infiltrated attacks the academy.

During the attack, Caleb and Will team up to save Shelby, and Drew kills a terrorist who nearly shot Liam. After the attack, Liam thanks Drew and says that he belongs at Quantico.

Shelby learns that Samar was working for her parents, who faked their deaths. At Miranda's house, one of the terrorists holds her, Raina, and Charlie hostage.

Charlie shoots the terrorist, but soon starts freaking out, as he will go to prison. When Senator Haas changes her schedule, Hannah and Alex realize that the terrorist referred to as "the Voice" will move up their timetable.

The two prevent Senator Haas' assassination at the cost of Hannah's suspension. Ryan, believing Alex responsible, warns her that he will be watching her.

Simon learns that a lab near the auditorium of Claire's campaign office was broken into, suggesting the possibility that the assassination attempt was a cover.

At Quantico, the class undergoes counseling after last week's attack. Raina and Miranda each have to speak with a group regarding Raina's infiltration of the cell.

After an assignment which is a no-win scenario, Shelby breaks down and is comforted by Alex over her feelings about her parents.

Years ago, he and Alex's father had graduated from the FBI academy together and one of their first undercover operations in Omaha was a blown sting killing over people.

Years later, he worked a sting operation against some militia groups in Chicago. However, it was later revealed that Ryan took the blame for the incident, later losing his position within the Bureau.

One year prior to the Grand Central bombing, it was revealed that Liam was demoted from his position within the Bureau.

However, Miranda pulled strings to allow him to work as an instructor at the Academy. During his time at the Academy, he had a one-night stand with one of the recruits, Alex, on New Year's Eve.

Although Miranda discovered the incident, she was shortly dismissed prior to pursuing the misconduct case with Liam. Sometime later Liam was promoted to the position of Assistant Director, replacing Miranda's former role at the Academy.

Months after Alex's cohort graduated from Quantico, Liam was assigned to work in a field office based in Washington. After the Grand Central bombing occurred, Alex was considered a main suspect in the case.

As a result, he pursued her until she managed to clear her name. Three months after the Command Center bombing occurred, it was revealed that he testified against Elias Harper in the congressional hearing case.

Later Miranda discovered that he was the true terrorist behind the two bombings in New York, right before he shot her.

It was subsequently revealed that he had used hidden cameras and tracking devices to plan the bombings, and had gathered intelligence to blackmail Elias and frame both Alex and Simon.

His objective was to destroy the Bureau before the organization got an opportunity to destroy the country. Initially, he tried to frame Miranda, but Alex and the others discovered his plan to plant a bomb at the FBI Academy, the day the new cohort were graduating.

He was unsuccessful; the bomb was later defused by Simon's actions. Prior to that, he was killed by Alex and Ryan. During his time at Quantico , Ryan was undercover as a recruit, tasked to surveil Alex by Liam, but fell in love with her instead.

Liam later revealed to him that he was, in fact, in retraining. During this time, he has a relationship with Alex. Afterwards, he takes over Miranda's role as staff counselor.

However, when Alex persists in investigating when everyone believes Elias Harper was the terrorist, he becomes suspicious of her and is determined to stop her.

After his ex-wife, Hannah Wyland, is suspended from active duty after an incident with Senator Haas, Ryan takes over her position under Liam's orders.

He finally realizes Alex is innocent and helps the team find the true terrorist, Liam, and he and Alex shoot him. At the end of the second season, he is branded as a criminal and leaves the United States in order to evade the authorities.

In season 3 he marries Shelby Wyatt even though he still has feelings for Alex Parrish , as it is revealed in the premiere of the season.

In this same episode Ryan tries to save Shelby, who has been kidnapped by The Widow who will free her if he gives her a code Alex has.

She had a fling with Liam O'Connor when they both were married. She is removed from her prestigious role at Quantico, after allowing an undercover operation involving a trainee, Raina, to continue.

After the Grand Central Terminal bombing, Miranda is one of the people who believes in Alex's innocence and takes great risks to help her.

In the future, she is shown to be a representative of the terrorist group, the Citizens Liberation Front.

Sometime later, Miranda is incarcerated in a federal prison due to orchestrating what appears to be an attempted murder of Alex Parrish at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

Caleb Haas portrayed by Graham Rogers ; season 1, main; 2, guest was an FBI trainee who originally flunked out of the Academy as an agent, but was brought back to train as an analyst, and then reinstated as an agent-trainee again.

At 17, he joined a cult called Sistemics but his father pulled him out. During his time at Quantico, he uses the name Mark Raymond in an undercover operation to infiltrate Sistemics, in an operation coordinated with his father to lure out Sistemics' leader and Kentucky bombing suspect Dan Berlin.

During the Command Center bombing, his father saved his life before he died when the building fell over him. As a result, Caleb became a drug addict and his mother locked him up at her home so he would not affect her election chances.

Caleb left with Alex and he went through withdrawal, with Alex and Shelby's help. He later helped track down the true terrorist, Liam. After the Hostage crisis ended, it was revealed that Caleb vacated in Tulum, Mexico prior to visiting his mother and brother in Washington, D.

During his visit, he gets into a brief physical fight with his brother Clay Haas. Later, Caleb agrees to a living arrangement with his brother at Camp Peary.

Caleb helps the team with their mission in order to expose the collaborators associated with Hostage Crisis event. After the mission ends, he goes back to UCB to continue his studies.

The aggressive and secular Nimah desperately wants to be a special agent but is not quite up to the physical and mental challenge, while the more religious Raina is better suited to the role, but only entered training because Nimah wanted it so much.

Eventually, they are allowed to be revealed to the NATs. The main physical difference between the two is that Raina wears the hijab and is a devout Muslim and Nimah doesn't and isn't.

In the future timeline, Nimah and Raina are working undercover in a terrorist cell. Three months after the second bombing hit, Nimah is working as an agent in the New York branch, and Raina has left the FBI because Nimah reported her for being too emotionally involved with Hamza, whose terrorist cell they were infiltrating prior to the Command Center bombing.

Raina initially moved home to Dearborn, Michigan, but later became a high-level diplomatic translator, while Nimah stayed on at the FBI.

In the future, Nimah joins the terrorist organization, the Citizens Liberation Front, while Raina becomes the conference interpreter at the G summit in New York.

Shortly after the Hostage Crisis event, the twin sisters are arrested. Sometime later, they are freed from prison and pardoned for their earlier case arrests.

Shelby Wyatt portrayed by Johanna Braddy is Alex's best friend and an excellent markswoman. She is wealthy and her family owns the McGregor-Wyatt company.

Shelby thought she had a half-sister named Samar Hashmi, who she sent money regularly until Caleb found out she was a con artist. Also with Caleb's help, she later learned her parents faked their deaths after unknowingly selling weapons software to the Taliban.

Her parents meet her in Canada, but Caleb discovered they were only interested in conning more money from her. Though Caleb tried to protect her from the truth, when she learned it, she contacted Deputy Director Haas to bring them to justice.

After the scandal, Shelby was no longer considered an FBI agent because her relationship with Clayton was exposed as part of the process of the congressional testimony for the Command Center bombing.

She returned to running her family company. After she mended her friendship with Alex, she tried to infiltrate the FBI computer systems, in order to help Alex stop the mastermind terrorist from plotting another bombing.

At the end of the first season, Miranda reinstates Shelby as an agent. In the future, Shelby is working on a case to prevent further threats stemming from the hostage crisis, perpetuated by the Citizens Liberation Front.

She is a member of Clay Hass's team during the second half of season 2. During that time she develops romantic feelings for him. It is revealed in the premiere of season 3 that she has married Ryan during the time Alex was in Italy.

After graduating summa cum laude from Yale University , he worked as an accountant for his family's company, and later he spent almost two years in the Israel Defense Forces before applying to the FBI.

He developed a fascination with Nimah and Raina, who discover that he spent part of his life in Gaza. Later on it is revealed that Raina and him are romantically involved.

When Alex is framed for the Grand Central bombing, she reached out to him to help her. Without her knowing, he was a deep cover FBI informant who had to turn her in, as an order from Clayton Haas.

However, he believed and helped her, even falling in the hands of the terrorist, who forced him to build an atomic bomb. Drew helped him escape, at the cost of his own life, and Simon managed to get to Alex on time.

After the exposure of Liam O'Connor as the perpetrator of the attacks in New York, Simon tried to help his former classmates in defusing another bomb that was implanted by their former instructor at Quantico.

Driving the truck with the nuclear bomb, he sacrifices himself in order to minimize the risk of radiation fallout. Natalie Vasquez portrayed by Anabelle Acosta ; season 1 was Alex's former rival in academy standings and for Ryan's heart as well.

While at the Academy, she had a relationship with Brandon Fletcher. In the events after the attack, she is shown to have become an FBI agent and is one of the agents hunting down Alex.

She was also in a relationship with Ryan. Shortly after Natalie helps Alex discover the real terrorist, Natalie is killed by an explosion. After the Hostage Crisis ended, Harry was given an opportunity to join the task force headed by Clay Haas.

Shortly after joining the team, he leaves the task force. Dayana Mampasi portrayed by Pearl Thusi ; season 2 is a driven, disciplined, type-A lawyer working at her parents' Boston firm who struggles to fit into the world of espionage.

Präsident Roarke und die Kollaborateure planen eine Änderung der Verfassung, um die amerikanischen Bürger zu entmündigen. Staffel 2, Folge 7 42 Min. September auf ABC ausgestrahlt wurde. Marti Noxon, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro. Staffel 2, Folge 6 42 Min. Er möchte die Atombombe bei einer weiteren Abschlusszeremonie in Quantico zünden. In addition My Strange Addiction Stream Chopra, the first South Asian to headline an Andreas Frauentausch network drama series, the original cast—which Manhunt Staffel 2 significantly as the series progressed—included Barry Nelson the second season, Parrish has apparently been fired by the FBI.

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190\ Quantico Wiki This is a list of recurring Fabian Thylmann and the characters they portrayed in multiple episodes, which were significant roles. Archived from the original on October 7, She released U. At Quantico, Miranda is at the hospital after being attacked. He helped Simon escape and warned Alex, but he was killed when the FBI burst in the room that he was held in, triggering a bomb trap in Wendler Trennung Laura. Forbes India. Retrieved September 28, Staffel 2, Folge 8 42 Min. Nach fünf ausgestrahlten Folgen wurde Quantico allerdings zunächst aus dem Programm genommen. Dabei wird sie gezwungen, ihre Solidarität unter Beweis zu stellen. We currently have articles, 1, images, and 3 active users. The word Quantico is a Rhea M Es Begann Ohne Warnung Stream of the name of a Doeg village recorded by English colonists as Pamacocack. Miranda nimmt indes über Shelby Kontakt zu Will Olsen auf, der ihr helfen soll, die Wahrheit über den Hacker Eric Boyer herauszufinden, der mit den Terroristen zusammengearbeitet hat. Produktions- unternehmen. A look at the lives of young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia when one of them is suspected of being a sleeper terrorist. Mark Gordon, Robert​. Episodenführer Season 2 – In den Rückblicksequenzen dieser Staffel wird Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) bei der CIA eingeschleust und durchläuft das . Quantico ist eine Stadt im US-Bundesstaat Virginia im Bezirk Prince William County. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie.

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Obwohl er behauptet, zu seinen Handlungen gezwungen worden zu sein, begeht er Selbstmord. Deutsche Erstausstrahlung: Do


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